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Jane & Winky

Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #1: Missing Marlene

The last thing a working mom like Jane needs is a call from her young son’s school saying his nanny never arrived to pick him up. Jane Stuart needs the nanny, as she has her hands full as a young widow who runs her own literary agency in the quiet suburban village of Shady Hills, New Jersey. With Marlene missing, Jane begins to wonder if foul play was involved. Marlene is the daughter of an old friend of Jane’s and Jane hired Marlene as a favor. She feels responsible. Jane puts two and two together. What she finds is in the sleepy suburban village of Shady Hills, things are not as tranquil as they appear on the surface.

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Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #2: Hanging Hannah

In an updated version of Agatha Christie's Jane Marple, single mom and literary agent Jane Stuart hunts for a killer in disguise with Winky, her tortoiseshell cat. After Jane’s last brush with murder (Missing Marlene) landed her in People magazine, Jane wants to throw a birthday party for her son at a local inn. But before anyone can say “make a wish,” the body of an unknown woman is found hanging in the woods behind the inn.

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Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #3: Stabbing Stephanie

Jane Stuart’s late husband’s cousin Stephanie now lives in Shady Hills. Stephanie has come to Shady Hills to work at Carson & Hart, the Shady Hills publishing company founded by Stephanie’s spoiled and entitled socialite friend, Faith Carson, and her husband Gavin Hart. Only a few days into her job, Stephanie notices things are not quite right at Carson & Hart. When she is found a few days later with a knife in her back, Jane goes undercover and takes a job as at Carson & Hart so she can investigate. Jane knows the truth of what happened to Stephanie is probably in the offices of Carson & Hart. Jane discovers it’s not just that Carson & Hart publishes dreck celebrity biographies. A dangerous killer lurks behind the scenes, one who may be targeting Jane and Winky next.

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Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #4: Icing Ivy

Jane Stuart and Ivy Benson were best friends until Ivy's daughter Marlene was Jane’s nanny and got murdered (Missing Marlene). Ivy blamed Jane even though it wasn’t Jane’s fault. Now it's time for Jane and Ivy to put that difficult past behind them and see if they can patch things up. They decide to spend the week together at the off-season Mt. Munsee Lodge, where Jane has scheduled her winter fiction writers' retreat. Ivy brings Johnny, the newest man in her life. Turns out, Johnny has eyes for another attendee, Carla. But Carla is not the only reason Johnny is at Mt. Munsee Lodge. He’s on the run and the getaway retreat deep in the woods is the perfect place to slip away. What Johnny is trying to escape from soon catches up with him. Foul weather brings a blizzard which socks everybody in, leaving them snowbound. Jane discovers her old pal dead - stabbed with an ice pick - on an abandoned mountain trail. Johnny's the likely suspect, except he's disappeared. Jane and Winky investigate as the snow melts and begins to leave clues. They uncover the deadly secrets of a writer who knows murder mysteries cold.
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Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #5: Toasting Tina

While at a romance authors convention, literary agent Jane Stuart and her tortoiseshell cat companion Winky find themselves immersed in a murder mystery when Tina Vale, the publisher who destroyed Jane's reputation, is found electrocuted in her bathtub.
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Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #6: Crushing Crystal

Jane Stuart’s nanny’s sister Crystal Ryerson stays with Jane while she starts as assistant director of the Shady Hills Public Library. Crystal proves to be a gossip with a superiority complex who makes enemies all over Shady Hills. At the next library book club Jane attends, the book shelves come crashing down and kill Crystal. Turns out, the safety brackets on the bookcases have been removed…by someone at the meeting. Two of the people who were at the library meeting are quickly identified as suspects. But things seem murkier to Jane. When the body of a beautiful teenager who worked at the library is found in the woods behind the railroad tracks, and two other girls go missing Jane and Winky solve the puzzle.
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