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Manhattan Mysteries

Manhattan Mysteries #1: Death Is Disposable

When New York City Department of Sanitation garage supervisor Anna Winthrop finds a homeless man with his throat slit behind her apartment building, she begins to investigate. Her search takes her from the elegant art galleries of the Upper East Side to the City’s secret homeless camps and network of abandoned subway tunnels under Grand Central Station.
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Manhattan Mysteries #2: Evil Justice

Terror grips Manhattan as the Ankh Killer leaves a trail of strangled, mutilated women across the city. Then sanitation supervisor Anna Winthrop discovers the killer’s latest victim in the garage where she supervises and it’s cute and coquettish Shari Baird, a member of Anna’s crew. A guy was seen running from Shari’s body and it turns out it’s Tommy Mulligan, Anna’s most productive worker. He’s arrested and thrown into a cell on Riker’s Island. When Tommy’s father begs Anna to help prove that Tommy is innocent, Anna reluctantly agrees to try to help. With the help of her boyfriend, sexy midtown copy Santos Reyes, Anna rushes to uncover the truth before the real Ankh Killer can snatch another woman from the streets.
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Manhattan Mysteries #3: Dark Alley
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Sanitation worker Garry Thomason is out on a garbage run one morning when he heads behind Manhattan’s New Amsterdam Mews to collect the trash--and vanishes. The next morning he is found in the middle of the mews brutally murdered. Was Garry the latest victim of the “Mews Murderer,” the terrifying serial killer in the headlines who is leaving all his victims in the City’s beautiful, quaint passage ways and secret alleys?

Anna Winthrop, Garry’s boss and a New York City Department of Sanitation supervisor, demands answers. Anna begins to investigate and is startled to uncover Garry’s secret past, a past which involves shoplifting, drug-dealing, and a deadly episode from his tour in Iraq. 

As the days go by, more and more people are found dead—a pretty daycare worker a respected professor, a medical student—all left in the hidden mews around the city. As Anna works to expose the “Mews Murderer” she herself becomes a target. This cold-blooded killer will stop at nothing to escape detection—and to hide a shocking secret from his own life—and to get away with murder.
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Manhattan Mysteries #4: City in Shadow

A frightened young woman drops a note on the street outside the apartment where New York City Sanitation Department supervisor Anna Winthrop lives. HELP ME it says and so Anna tries to follow her and speak with her. She spots her dining with a famous doctor, and then in Grand Central Station, running for a train. Each time she gets near, the woman vanishes before Anna can make contact with her. Days later, her body is found in the Hudson River.

Meanwhile, a career-making story leads journalist Nettie Clouchet to uncover a human-trafficking ring in New York City…a woman acts as bait in an effort to track down her missing sister…and Anna’s visiting cousin Patti prowls New York’s dark streets and won’t say why.

All roads lead to The Kirkmore, a sinister apartment tower harboring a horrifying secret.

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