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Manhattan Mysteries #4: City in Shadow

By Evan Marshall
Published by The Evan Marshall Agency
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Anna Winthrop’s desire to solve crimes leads her to secret places in New York City.

A frightened young woman drops a note on the street outside the apartment where New York City Sanitation Department supervisor Anna Winthrop lives. HELP ME it says and so Anna tries to follow her and speak with her. She spots her dining with a famous doctor, and then in Grand Central Station, running for a train. Each time she gets near, the woman vanishes before Anna can make contact with her. Days later, her body is found in the Hudson River.

Meanwhile, a career-making story leads journalist Nettie Clouchet to uncover a human-trafficking ring in New York City…a woman acts as bait in an effort to track down her missing sister…and Anna’s visiting cousin Patti prowls New York’s dark streets and won’t say why.

All roads lead to The Kirkmore, a sinister apartment tower harboring a horrifying secret.

Manhattan Mysteries






***3.67 stars -18 Ratings – 6 Reviews  —Goodreads

*** 3 stars “I love New York! I know that sounds like the oft-run ad from a while ago, but I can’t help it—it’s the truth. And books that are set in and around that city naturally catch my attention. So it was with City in Shadow by Evan Marshall…”  —Myckyee, Goodreads

*** 3 stars “I love Evan Marshalls' cozies. They are a quick read, well thought out and entertaining. A model I have decided to attempt to emulate. Normally I can't read the same author back-to-back, but these didn't bore me (I read Dark Alley & City in Shadow) with style, as so often happens. fast paced and likeable characters. Give any of the Jane & Winky or Manhattan series a try!” —Dan Beliveau, Goodreads

***** 5 stars “A good book, true depiction of human trafficking from what I’ve read in true crime and biography books on the subject.”  —Lisa Bennett on Goodreads

“Absorbing…the suspense mounts in this fresh if sometimes sad tale of human trafficking.”  —Publishers Weekly

***** 5 stars “I really enjoy Anna's grit; even though the author is a man his portrayal of Anna is spot on.”—Sonja about Evil Justice, Goodreads

”Fast pacing, effective plot twists, sympathetic characters, and multiple points of view combine for a compelling story.”  —Booklist

A multi-layered mystery, populated with creatively developed characters…an innovative fast-paced plot.”  —Mysterious Reviews

About The Author

Evan Marshall heads his own literary agency, The Evan Marshall Agency, an independent literary agency which represents in fiction for more than 30 years. He is an internationally renowned expert on novel writing.

Evan Marshall is author of 10 commercially published mysteries including Manhattan Mysteries and The Jane Stuart and Winky Mystery Series called “Miss Marple Lite” by Kirkus Reviews. His page turners featuring amateur female sleuths appeal to fans of Lilian Jackson Braun.

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