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Manhattan Mysteries #2: Evil Justice

By Evan Marshall
Published by The Evan Marshall Agency
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Anna Winthrop’s desire to solve crimes leads her to secret places in New York City.

Terror grips Manhattan as the Ankh Killer leaves a trail of strangled, mutilated women across the city. Then sanitation supervisor Anna Winthrop discovers the killer’s latest victim in the garage where she supervises and it’s cute and coquettish Shari Baird, a member of Anna’s crew. A guy was seen running from Shari’s body and it turns out it’s Tommy Mulligan, Anna’s most productive worker. He’s arrested and thrown into a cell on Riker’s Island. When Tommy’s father begs Anna to help prove that Tommy is innocent, Anna reluctantly agrees to try to help. With the help of her boyfriend, sexy midtown copy Santos Reyes, Anna rushes to uncover the truth before the real Ankh Killer can snatch another woman from the streets.

Manhattan Mysteries






*** 3.59 stars - 27 Ratings - 5 Reviews  —Goodreads

***** 5 stars “I really enjoy Anna's grit; even though the author is a man his portrayal of Anna is spot on.”  —Sonja, Goodreads

**** 4 stars “This is the second book of "The Hidden Manhattan Mysteries" by Evan Marshall. I generally don't read mysteries by male authors because they aren't normally cozies. However this one came in a book shipment that I get from Reader Service so I read it (even though I generally like reading series in order). Much to my surprise it was a cozy and a good one at that.” —Denise, Goodreads

**** 4 stars “This was the first time I read this author and I really enjoyed his writing style. The mystery was interesting and page turning.”  —Orlean Public Library on Goodreads

"A savvy heroine, an inventive plot, plenty of action, and a surprise ending make this a good pick. Sanitation supervisor Anna Winthrop is back in another adrenaline-producing adventure."  —Booklist

"Marshall’s well-plotted, fast-paced mystery is a fascinating journey through underground Manhattan.”  —Romantic Times

"Classy Anna’s second cozy showcases Manhattan as it keeps you guessing."  —Kirkus Reviews

About The Author

Evan Marshall heads his own literary agency, The Evan Marshall Agency, an independent literary agency which represents in fiction for more than 30 years. He is an internationally renowned expert on novel writing.

Evan Marshall is author of 10 commercially published mysteries including Manhattan Mysteries and The Jane Stuart and Winky Mystery Series called “Miss Marple Lite” by Kirkus Reviews. His page turners featuring amateur female sleuths appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich, Lilian Jackson Braun, and Alexander McCall Smith. You can reach him at evan@evanmarshallagency.com.

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