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Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #4: Icing Ivy

By Evan Marshall
Published by The Evan Marshall Agency
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At an isolated winter writing retreat hosted by literary agent Jane Stuart and her soon-to-be-mom cat Winky, one of the creative writing attendees reveals a secret skill for murder.

"Miss Marple Lite."  —Kirkus Reviews

"Jane Stuart is a Jane Marple for the millennium."  —Kensington Publishing

Jane Stuart and Ivy Benson were best friends until Ivy's daughter Marlene was Jane’s nanny and got murdered (Missing Marlene). Ivy blamed Jane even though it wasn’t Jane’s fault. Now it's time for Jane and Ivy to put that difficult past behind them and see if they can patch things up. They decide to spend the week together at the off-season Mt. Munsee Lodge, where Jane has scheduled her winter fiction writers' retreat. Ivy brings Johnny, the newest man in her life. Turns out, Johnny has eyes for another attendee, Carla. But Carla is not the only reason Johnny is at Mt. Munsee Lodge. He’s on the run and the getaway retreat deep in the woods is the perfect place to slip away. What Johnny is trying to escape from soon catches up with him. Foul weather brings a blizzard which socks everybody in, leaving them snowbound. Jane discovers her old pal dead - stabbed with an ice pick - on an abandoned mountain trail. Johnny's the likely suspect, except he's disappeared. Jane and Winky investigate as the snow melts and begins to leave clues. They uncover the deadly secrets of a writer who knows murder mysteries cold.

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*** 3 stars 90% of people liked it – All editions 3.65 average rating, 62 ratings, 7 reviews, added by 126 people  —Goodreads

“The Jane and Winky series is as cozy as a kitten – with tiny sharp claws.”  —Jill Churchill

"For fans of feline cozies."  —Library Journal

"Engaging...Jane proves a shrewd sleuth."  —Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Like his sleuth, Evan Marshall heads his own literary agency, The Evan Marshall Agency, an independent literary agency which represents in fiction for more than 30 years. He is an internationally renowned expert on novel writing.

Evan publishes NovelCreator™ the only novel-writing software that shows you how to plot, outline and write your novel with techniques used by top, bestselling professionals. It is based on The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing (Writer’s Digest, 1998), his groundbreaking international bestseller that revolutionized fiction writing and went on to become a classic—a staple on hundreds of thousands of writers’ reference shelves. The Marshall Plan® demystified novel-writing for a massive audience and became the industry’s #1 go-to novel-writing technique for anyone who wants to write a commercial novel—fast. NovelCreator™ is available at https://www.themarshallplan.net.

Evan Marshall is author of 10 commercially published mystereies including the Manhattan Mysteries and The Jane Stuart and Winky mystery series called “Miss Marple Lite” by Kirkus Reviews. His books are page turner cozies which appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich and Lilian Jackson Braun.

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