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Jane and Winky Suburban Sleuths #1: Missing Marlene

By Evan Marshall
Published by The Evan Marshall Agency
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The nanny has disappeared and no one cares.

Jane Stuart is a literary sleuth in the suburban village of Shady Hills who solves crimes on the side with her tortoiseshell cat Winky.

The last thing a working mom like Jane needs is a call from her young son’s school saying his nanny never arrived to pick him up. Jane Stuart needs the nanny, as she has her hands full as a young widow who runs her own literary agency in the quiet suburban village of Shady Hills, New Jersey. With Marlene missing, Jane begins to wonder if foul play was involved. Marlene is the daughter of an old friend of Jane’s and Jane hired Marlene as a favor. She feels responsible. Jane puts two and two together. What she finds is in the sleepy suburban village of Shady Hills, things are not as tranquil as they appear on the surface.

Juggling book deals, rival agents, and with the help of her tortoiseshell cat, Winky, Jane soon discovers Marlene’s secret life. There is a boyfriend who has a police record and likes violence. Marlene has something else going on with a second man whose identity remains a mystery.

Winky finds the crucial clue which may reveal whether there's a killer afoot…and whether the killer will strike again…

Jane Stuart & Winky Mysteries



*** 85% of people liked it all editions, 3.38 average rating, 112 ratings, 5 reviews, added by 210 people  —Goodreads

“The Jane and Winky series is as cozy as a kitten – with tiny sharp claws.”  —Jill Churchill

"Marshall’s refreshing debut has all the trappings of a cozy…Miss Marple lite!"  —Kirkus Reviews

***** Five Stars “A very fast and fun read.”  —Lennie Alickman

"A page-turner!"  —Publishers Weekly

"Missing Marlene is fast-paced fun. The characters are engaging and the twist at the end took me by surprise."  —Laurien Berenson

”Devilishly well-paced, a cozy with a satisfying bite.”  —Candace Robb, author of the Owen Archer Mysteries

"Pure enjoyment, refreshing and light, this is just fun."  —The Poisoned Pen

"A great book...Marshall has all the right tricks up his sleeve to keep his readers interested."  —I Love a Mystery

"A fast-paced, solid whodunit full of nifty surprises and with a dandy twist at the end."  I Love a Mystery

About The Author

Like his sleuth, Evan Marshall heads his own literary agency, The Evan Marshall Agency, an independent literary agency which represents in fiction for more than 30 years. He is an internationally renowned expert on novel writing.

Evan Marshall is author of 10 commercially published books including the Manhattan Mysteries and The Jane Stuart and Winky mystery series called “Miss Marple Lite” by Kirkus Reviews. His books are page turner cozies which appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich and Lilian Jackson Braun.

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