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The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing

The 16-Step Blueprint To Take You From Idea To Completed Manuscript In 30 Days or Less
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By Evan Marshall
Published by The Evan Marshall Agency
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Writing With The Marshall Plan® Series
Book 1: The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing
Book 2: Fiction Makeover

The book that changed the way novels are written, The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing, is the groundbreaking international bestseller that revolutionized fiction writing technique and went on to become a classic—a staple on hundreds of thousands of writers’ reference shelves. The Marshall Plan demystified novel-writing for a massive audience and became the industry’s #1 go-to novel-writing technique for anyone who wants to write a commercial novel—fast.

Imagine writing with the skill of a published author, the knowledge of a seasoned editor and the savvy of a New York literary agent...you'd have all the know-how it takes to transform your story idea into a novel worthy of praise and publication.

In this unique guide, agent, editor and novelist Evan Marshall does give you everything it takes to write your novel. Drawing on his extensive experience, Marshall has perfected a simple and methodical approach to novel writing. His clear-cut, 16-step "Marshall Plan" breaks down the complex novel-writing process into a series of parts you put together one piece at a time. You'll have your whole story planned and plotted before you actually begin writing, so there's no chance of working yourself in a corner or making critical mistakes in pacing and plot.

In short, The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing works. Use it, and watch your story masterfully develop into a completed manuscript ready to get the full attention of readers, agents and editors alike.


3.7 average rating all editions, 429 ratings, 55 reviews, added by 904 people, 317 to-reads, 87% of people liked it.—Goodreads

4 out of 5 stars (91 customer reviews)—Amazon

The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing was an integral part in the release of my new historical adventure, Guardian of Paradise. When I decided I wanted to write, I used your book as a resource during the entire process. Some of the more useful tools and ideas were the section sheets and the use of each section ending in a failure for the lead or a success for the lead’s opposition. You were right—without them, the story would have run out of steam way too early and been boring as well. Also the placement of surprises kept the story interesting.” —W. E. Lawrence

The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing is a master plan for aspiring novelists. Evan Marshall is brilliant.” —Bobbi Smith, New York Times bestselling author

“A comprehensive manual to writing a novel for all writers—from the beginner to the more advanced looking for polishing tips. Savvy and concise.” —Bill Contardi, literary agent

“Finally, a practical how-to manual for all aspiring authors, written with wit and wisdom. A delightful read!” —Maureen Walters, Vice President, Curtis Brown Literary Agency

“An invaluable tool for the aspiring novelist. An upbeat, easy-to-follow guide that takes the mystery out of writing.” —Alicia Condon, Editorial Director: Fiction, Kensington Publishing

“Evan Marshall has the scoop on making book—from beginning to end and everywhere in between.” —barnesandnoble.com

“A down-to-earth approach to completing a novel.” —Boulder Planet

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