Evan Marshall


The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing

Everything You Need to Know—From Plot to Published—4th Edition—Completely Revised & Updated
By Evan Marshall
Published by The Evan Marshall Agency
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This is the book which demystified novel writing for a massive audience, a groundbreaking international bestseller on the shelves of thousands of published authors. The Marshall Plan technique is the industry’s #1 go-to novel-writing method for anyone who wants to write a commercial novel—fast.

In this unique guide, agent, editor and novelist Evan Marshall provides an easy-to-follow plan which simplifies the complex process of designing and writing successful commercial fiction. Now revised, this book includes these topics:

  • Choosing the perfect genre for you.
  • Shaping your story idea . . . with Hollywood in mind.
  • Developing strong main characters for your story.
  • Word-length ranges for the most popular fiction genres and subgenres.
  • NovelMaster, which takes the guesswork out of structuring your novel.
  • How to interweave plots and subplots.
  • How to lay out all of your novel’s scenes.
  • Mastering the five fiction-writing modes.
  • How to handle story research so it doesn’t slow you down.
  • 50 easy-to-implement fiction-writing techniques from the pros.
  • A complete manuscript self-editing guide.
  • How to format your manuscript for submission.
  • How to approach agents and editors.
  • Developing a fiction proposal, including the long and short synopsis.
  • Self-publishing your novel.


3.7 average rating, 440 ratings, 55 reviews, added by 954 people, 336 to-reads, 87% of people like it—Goodreads
4.1 out of 5 stars (88 customer reviews)—Amazon

“A down-to-earth approach to completing a novel.” —Boulder Planet

The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing is a master plan for aspiring novelists. Evan Marshall is brilliant.” —Bobbi Smith, New York Times bestselling author

“A comprehensive manual to writing a novel for all writers—from the beginner to the more advanced looking for polishing tips. Savvy and concise.” —Bill Contardi, literary agent

“Finally, a practical how-to manual for all aspiring authors, written with wit and wisdom. A delightful read!” —Maureen Walters, Vice President, Curtis Brown Literary Agency

“An invaluable tool for the aspiring novelist. An upbeat, easy-to-follow guide that takes the mystery out of writing.” —Alicia Condon, Editorial Director: Fiction, Kensington Publishing

“Evan Marshall has the scoop on making book—from beginning to end and everywhere in between.” —barnesandnoble.com

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